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Posted on April 29 2016

So I decided to make piñatas. I was actually asked by a friend to make some garlands for a photo booth at our preschool's Ice Cream Social honoring grandparents. But once I started looking for inspiration (googling) I found this amazing ice cream piñata tutorial and just new I had to do it. Firstly, Jordan Ferney is amazing. And secondly, I've never made a piñata, so ... challenge!!

I should also begin by saying that I'm not the amazing Jordan Ferney so things weren't all perfect with a side of inspirational. But I think they turned out pretty good. Here's my piñata debut:

I haven't done any paper mache since middle school. I vaguely remember "helping" my mom make a globe for some project. So my glue mixture was WAY too thick at first. Add that to the odd weather pattern where we had 100% humidity for a week and it took twice as long to my initial balloon forms to dry. I had learned my lesson and the 2nd step of paper mache for the cones went much faster. 

Look at that lovely crepe paper! Part of why I wanted to make piñatas in the first place really goes back to love of ridiculously extravagant paper. I really wanted an excuse to buy some lovely thick Italian crepe paper - the kind that's used for those beautiful fringe garlands and crepe paper fiesta flowers. I'm in love and now want to collect every color in existence. I knew that would happen and it's exactly why I have avoided working with it until now.

I think I could have done the fringe a little smaller to give more detail and maybe even used less. I do love the full look for the ice cream though. I learned a lot and think I will make more piñatas in the future. It's been suggested that I should begin plans for a taco piñata. So, maybe for CInco de Mayo...

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